100+ Fun and Creative Names for Calico Cats with meaning

Are you searching for a unique and fun names for your new calico kitten? Look no further, because we have compiled the ultimate list of 100+ fun and creative names for calico cats with meanings!

Fun and Creative Names for Calico Cats with meaning
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Calico cats are well-known for their striking tri-color coat, with a mix of black, white, and orange or brown patches. These adorable cats are often seen as independent and feisty, but also loving and loyal companions. If you are lucky enough to have a calico cat in your life, you’ll want to find the perfect name to match their unique personality. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 100+ fun and creative names for calico cats that are sure to inspire you.

Here are some fun and creative names for calico cats grouped by categories:

Male Calico Cat Names

ApolloGreek god of light and music
AshGray color of ashes
BlazeFlame, fire
BoomerA cat that jumps or springs energetically
BusterA strong, tough cat
CaesarRoman emperor
ChesterFrom a Roman settlement
CopperA reddish-brown metal
CosmoUniverse, order
DjangoJazz musician Django Reinhardt
DominoA pattern of black and white
FelixHappy, fortunate
FinnFair, white
GizmoA gadget or machine
JasperA precious stone
LokiNorse god of mischief
MarmaladeOrange-colored preserve
MerlinArthurian wizard
MiloSoldier or merciful
OliverOlive tree
OscarDivine spear
PhoenixMythical bird that rises from the ashes
RascalA playful, mischievous cat
RustyA reddish-brown color
SimbaLion in Swahili
TigerA large, striped feline
WhiskersA cat’s facial hair
ZeusGreek god of sky and thunder

Female Calico Cat Names

AngelA divine messenger
AthenaGreek goddess of wisdom and war
AutumnSeason of harvest and change
BelleBeautiful, lovely
CallieFrom Calico
CleoGreek for “glory”
DaisyA small flower
EllaBeautiful fairy woman
FluffySoft, puffy fur
GingerSpicy root
HazelLight brown color
IsabellaDevoted to God
JasmineFragrant flower
LunaLatin for “moon”
MarigoldA yellow-orange flower
MistyLight fog
PepperA spicy seasoning
RosieRose flower
RubyPrecious stone
SassyBold and lively
SierraMountain range
StellaStar in Latin
SummerWarm season
SunnyBright, cheerful
ToffeeSweet candy
WillowGraceful, slender tree

Calico Cat Names Inspired by Movie Felines

BagheeraThe Jungle BookBlack panther
CheshireAlice in WonderlandA cat with a permanent grin
GarfieldGarfieldFat, lazy cat
FigaroPinocchioCute, playful kitten
Puss in BootsShrekHeroic cat
SalemSabrina the Teenage WitchWitch’s familiar
SimbaThe Lion KingLion in Swahili
SnowbellStuart LittleWhite cat
Thomas O’MalleyThe AristocatsStreetwise cat
TiggerWinnie the PoohEnergetic tiger

Badass Names for Calico Cats

BanditA thief or outlaw
BladeA sharp cutting edge
DieselA powerful engine
GhostA spirit or apparition
HarleyA motorcycle brand
MaverickAn independent thinker
NitroA highly explosive substance
RogueA person who goes against the norm
SabreA curved sword
ShadowA dark area or shape
StormA violent disturbance
TankA heavy armored vehicle
TitanA powerful god or giant
ViperA venomous snake
WolfA fierce predator

Disney-Inspired Calico Cat Names

ArielThe Little MermaidLion of God
AuroraSleeping BeautyDawn
BelleBeauty and the BeastBeautiful, lovely
CinderellaCinderellaLittle ashes
EsmeraldaThe Hunchback of Notre DameEmerald
JasmineAladdinFragrant flower
MulanMulanWood orchid
NalaThe Lion KingSuccessful
RapunzelTangledRampion, a type of vegetable
TianaThe Princess and the FrogFollower of Christ

Halloween calico cat names

SalemInspired by the black cat from Sabrina
MorticiaAfter the matriarch of the Addams family
WednesdayAfter the daughter of the Addams family
Hocus PocusAfter the classic Halloween movie
BooA spooky, yet cute name for a calico cat
GhostA fitting name for a ghostly-looking calico
GoblinAfter the mischievous creatures of folklore
RavenInspired by the black birds associated with Halloween
BatA cute name for a calico cat with bat-like markings
FrankensteinAfter the classic Halloween monster
HexA name associated with magic and witchcraft
OnyxA name inspired by the black gemstone
SpookA playful name for a Halloween-loving cat
PhantomA spooky name inspired by ghostly apparitions
Salem’s SisterA fun nod to the feline siblings of Sabrina’s Salem

Famous calico cat Names

MarzipanThe famous calico cat from the book “The Three Little Kittens”
CallieA popular name for calico cats, short for Calico
PatchesA name inspired by the patchwork-like coloring of calico cats
GypsyA name associated with the free-spirited nature of calico cats
TortieA nickname for tortoiseshell cats, which are a type of calico
AutumnInspired by the fall colors often seen in calico cats
FrecklesA name inspired by the speckled appearance of some calico cats
HarlequinA name inspired by the diamond-shaped pattern often seen in calico cats
BrindleA name inspired by the striped appearance of some calico cats
TrixieA playful name that suits the lively nature of calico cats
TwixA fun name inspired by the candy bar, with a nod to the cat’s coloring
SocksA name inspired by the white patches often seen on calico cats’ paws
GingerA name inspired by the reddish coloring sometimes seen in calico cats
CaramelA name inspired by the warm, caramel-like coloring sometimes seen in calico cats
MosaicA name inspired by the unique and colorful appearance of calico cats

These are just some ideas for fun and creative names for calico cats. Keep in mind that the name you choose should reflect your cat’s personality and characteristics.

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Naming your new calico cat is an exciting and important task. With our list of 100+ fun and creative names for calico cats with meanings, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your new feline friend. Whether you choose a popular name like Callie or a unique name like Cinnamon, your calico cat is sure to love their new moniker.

So, go ahead and pick a name that fits your calico cat’s personality and makes them stand out. And if you can’t decide on just one name, why not choose a few and give your cat a middle name or two?

Remember, the most important thing is to choose a name that you and your cat both love. Your cat’s name will be with them for their entire life, so take your time and choose wisely.

Looking for More Inspiration?

If you’re still searching for the perfect name for your calico cat, try considering their unique personality traits or favorite things. Does your cat love to cuddle? Perhaps the name Snuggle is fitting. Does your cat have a feisty personality? Maybe the name Rebel suits them. The possibilities are endless!

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You can also look to pop culture for inspiration. Is there a favorite book, movie, or TV show that you and your cat enjoy? You could name your calico after a character from that media. Some popular examples include Luna from Harry Potter or Simba from The Lion King.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are some popular names for cats?

Some popular names for cats include Bella, Luna, Oliver, Simba, Charlie, Lucy, Max, and Chloe. However, there are countless options to choose from, and the best name for your cat may be something unique or creative.

How do I know if a name is a good fit for my cat?

One way to know if a name is a good fit for your cat is to test it out and see if your cat responds to it. Say the name several times throughout the day and see if your cat looks up or responds in any way. Additionally, consider if the name reflects your cat’s appearance, personality, or your personal preferences.

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Should I choose a name based on my cat’s gender?

It’s up to personal preference whether or not to choose a name based on your cat’s gender. Some people prefer gender-specific names, while others prefer more neutral names. Ultimately, the name you choose should reflect your cat’s personality and characteristics.

Is it okay to change my cat’s name?

It’s possible to change your cat’s name, but it may take some time for your cat to adjust to the new name. If you do decide to change your cat’s name, gradually transition to the new name by using both the old and new names together for a few weeks. Over time, your cat should begin to respond to the new name.

Should I choose a name based on my cat’s breed?

It’s not necessary to choose a name based on your cat’s breed, but it’s a fun way to incorporate your cat’s unique characteristics into their name. For example, if you have a Siamese cat, you could consider a name like Thai or Suki.

Can I choose a name inspired by a TV show or movie?

Yes, you can definitely choose a name inspired by a TV show or movie. Some popular options include Simba from The Lion King, Garfield from the comic strip and movie, or Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Just be sure to choose a name that you enjoy saying and that fits your cat’s personality.


Naming your calico cat can be a fun and exciting process. With our list of 170+ fun and creative names for calico cats with meanings, you’re sure to find a name that fits your cat’s unique personality and makes them stand out. Remember to choose a name that you and your cat both love and take your time in making your decision.

We hope our list has been helpful in your search for the perfect name for your calico cat. Happy naming!

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